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What are the digital marketing skills that you must master in order to be successful? The following are referred to as the “big four” when it comes to digital marketing, and they are crucial in a digital marketer’s path to success.

Master Paid Marketing Techniques

As a marketer, you need to master paid advertisements. There are Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Google adwords and many many other platforms from which you can advertise. Do your research, learn how to process works and become a master of it.

Content Marketing

As companies adopt a content marketing strategy, it is critical for marketers to possess the right content marketing skills. For content to resonate with its audience, marketers must create highly-engaging and high-quality content. Along with that, it must be informative and relevant. How can you measure the effect of your content? Through consumer feedback. Make use of the analytics tools available for websites and social media platforms to see if you are reaching the audience the way you want to!

Customer Experience

In 2018, customer experience ( often shortened to CX ) is king. The effectiveness of your shopping cart, the helpfulness of your support agents, the word-of-mouth about your brand all play into the customer experience. It is more important than ever to provide a positive customer experience because consumers now have the ability to review your company within seconds, making their experience visible to hundreds if not thousands of other users via platforms such as Yelp.

Mobile Marketing

Over three quarters of U.S. adults own a smartphone and about 30 percent of purchases are made via mobile devices. With that being said, the mobile experience is crucial, and can’t be considered an afterthought by any means. The Altimeter Group suggests that you “focus on learning more about customer frustrations, expectations and behaviors specific to mobile…only then can mobile strategies produce results that increase engagement, lead generation, sales, retention, loyalty and more.”

As marketing relies more and more on digital solutions and platforms, digital marketers need to continuously evolve and adapt their skills accordingly. The “big four” ( paid marketing, content, customer experience and mobile marketing ) however, aren’t going anywhere soon so in order to be a successful digital marketer, you must master those first!