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While it’s hard to believe, the end of 2018 is nearly here. With the end of any year come predictions for the next, and marketing is no exception. What do experts expect to see in 2019 as far as marketing trends go?

People trust other people, not ads

You know that pop up ad that you have to click away from every time you visit your favorite news site? Soon, you may be part of the thirty percent of internet users who will be using ad blockers by the end of this year. Experts expect more and more people to completely block or ignore content ads, and look to their trusted friends for recommendations instead. People have learned that advertisements are sponsored and they are no longer fooled. Look for a shift from companies from traditional ads to different methods that are more human-based such as referral programs. Ads will likely not be going away for good in 2019, but the truth is, people trust other people and reviews more than anything else.

People Appreciate Chatbots

In 2019, you can expect to see chatbots on nearly every major website you visit. It’s a great way for customers to have 24/7 access, as well as answer questions quickly and efficiently. Some companies have been hesitant to use chatbots out of fear of poor user experience. More and more companies are getting over this fear as they see the numbers though. A survey reported that 70% of consumers had a positive experience and a further 9% were mutual about the experience.

People Like Snack Ads

You may be thinking a snack ad has to do with just that, snacks. A snack ad is actually a very short, small ad in video form. Because people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, marketers will capitalize even more on the snack ad. Instead of a minute long video telling a full story, the snack ad is a snippet of the story. Youtube has recently implemented snack ads and seen great success with them.

While there is never one singular way to build a marketing strategy, you can be sure that the above three trends will be helpful to your strategy. Consumers are telling marketers what they do and do not like, and it is up to us to respond. Consumers want to get their recommendations from friends or trusted peers, they enjoy having 24/7 access to a brand via their chatbots and lastly, a short snack ad may be just what your customer needs.