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Generation X is made up of people born between 1965 and 1980. Some say that Generation X can be the hardest generation to pin down as far as what they want from a brand. There are generally thought to be two types of Gen Xers; those born earlier in the generation and those born later in the generation. Older Gen Xers typically hold some of the values of the Baby Boomers. Younger Gen Xers have taken on some Millennial style traits. With all of that being said, how can marketers most effectively reach these consumers?


Always be authentic with Gen Xers. They appreciate transparency in a company and are quickly turned off if they feel they are not being told the whole story. Because many Gen Xers hold strong family values, they look for companies that align with that. They appreciate safety and security and will be loyal customers to a company that can provide that.

Direct Mail

According to AdWeek, 86% of Gen Xers brings in their mail every day and 68% have used coupons they received in the mail. This fact shows that marketers should consider direct mail to reach and connect with to Gen Xers. Therefore, marketers should capitalize on this strategy and send direct mail to Gen Xers.

Using Nostalgia

This generation reacts well to nostalgic advertising. For example, the “Our Song” commercial from UnitedHealthcare was a huge hit with Gen Xers. It was relatable and offered over a video platform, both of which Gen Xers appreciate. Shows such as “Stranger Things” on Netflix are also big hits with Gen Xers, because they enjoy the nostalgic feel.
Generation X is a true hybrid. They are sometimes referred to as the “forgotten middle child” between Millennials and Baby Boomers. But they do have specific marketing needs. They grew up without the online shopping experience, so they still enjoy a trip in-store, but have fully embraced online shopping as well. The best way to reach Gen Xers when it comes to marketing is through authenticity, direct mail and nostalgia.