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Cristiane Namiuti


About Cristiane

Cristiane Namiuti has worked in the marketing industry for more than ten years. Over the course of her career, Cristiane has assisted numerous popular consumer brands with marketing strategies which have helped them attract more customers and strengthen their brand images. Her roles have included Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, and Brand Marketing Consultant among others. As a result of her performance and result, Cristiane has received Unilever Marketing Academy Awards for Best Creative Media, Best Innovation Project, and Best Integrated Communications Plan.

Throughout her career Cristiane has always been fascinated by technology; however, it wasn’t until she moved to the United States in 2008 that she decided to pursue marketing within the tech industry. Cristiane currently works as a brand marketing and business communications consultant, and she gets the opportunity to apply her marketing skills in the world of tech.

In 2015 Cristiane Namiuti began taking courses for her MBA. Her Capstone project, which focused on developing an API alongside software engineers, gave her the chance to network with tech professionals. The experience spurred Cristiane to take additional classes related to technology, and she ultimately earned a certificate in software product management. Cristiane’s education helped her further strengthen her professional skills, and as a result, she has excelled at building strong brands in the contemporary technology-driven industry.

When asked about the best aspects of working in the technology industry as a marketing professional, Cristiane Namiuti says, “My favorite part is getting to apply my creative side to business projects. My experience in the marketing industry has equipped me with the skills to understand consumers, conduct the necessary research, and discover insights that help businesses develop the best products.” For years the technology industry has been male-dominated, which can be challenging at times for women who work in the field. However, Cristiane embraces the challenge and is excited about the trend of more women entering the tech industry.

Over the course of her career, Cristiane Namiuti has realized that many marketers don’t take the time to understand the consumer—regardless of the industry they work in. Instead, they focus more on the product. Cristiane sets herself apart from other marketers by bringing a consumer-centric vision to every company she works with. “The best product is one that doesn’t need any advertisement,” says Cristiane. “It’s developed to satisfy real needs, so consumers seek it out.” Part of Cristiane’s skill lies in discovering what the consumer wants so that organizations can focus on the right projects.

The world of business and marketing is full of examples of startups that present consumers with products or services that they don’t need or want. Cristiane’s experience helps her guide organizations so that they avoid these types of pitfalls. Looking to the future, Cristiane plans to further develop her skills as a brand marketing professional as well as continue her technological education.